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3D perspective designer

The 3D perspective allows individuals, real estate developers, architects, builders, contractors and other construction professionals tovisualize a project even before its completion

This charting technique creates an illusion of depth and dimensionality in a two-dimensional image. In other words, it simulates the way our eyes perceive the world by adding elements of depth and distance.

Thus, the 3D perspective makes it possible tovalidate your perceptions on design, architecture, choice of materials, size of spaces, etc. More simply, a 3D house plan created by a professional 3D artist allows you tobring your project to life before its realization.


A 3D perspectivist, also called a 3D artist or 3D computer graphic designer, is aprofessional specializing in the creation of three-dimensional images.


To do this, he uses 3D modeling and rendering software.Depending on your desires and your projects, it playsan important role in making your decisions and executing your desires. 

The 3D artist is responsible for creating realistic and convincing perspectives of your construction or renovation project. 

Its main role is therefore to visually represent your architectural concept, your interior and exterior designs, your internal and external spaces…


All this using modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering techniques to completely immerse you in your project before it is even completed.



The 3D artist or 3D perspectivistworks closely with you directly and architects in order to understand all the requirements of your projects. Very often he playsa determining role in getting your projects off the ground. 

Their responsibilities vary depending on each design. However, here is an overview of some of its common responsibilities:  

  • Analyze project requirements: The 3D artist must understand the goals and specifications of your projects. It must take into account your expectations as well as technical constraints.

  • Creation of 3D models: he is responsible for creating precise and detailed three-dimensional models using 3D modeling software.

  • Texturing and Materials: To enhance realism and projection in your future home, the 3D Perspectivist applies textures, materials and colors to 3D models to give them the desired appearance in the reality of your design.

  • Lighting and rendering: for optimal visualization, it creates virtual lighting by adjusting light sources, shadows, reflections and other parameters linked to the future environment of your home. Then it uses rendering software to generate very high quality final images. 

Of course, these few quick features and responsibilities vary depending on the specific context of each of your projects, your expectations, etc. However, they provide an overview of the characteristics typically associated with the role of a 3D perspectivist. 

C'est quoi un perspectiviste 3D ?


As explained previously, a 3D house plan is a three-dimensional virtual representation of your project. It therefore allows you to imagine in a very realistic way the appearance and spatial layout of your house, your chalet or your garage before its construction. 

Calling on a perspectivist or 3D artist offers many advantages. Below is a small list of the main benefits of a 3D house plan: 

Realistic visualization:A 3D house plan provides an accurate visual representation of how your project will ultimately look. It allows you to better envisage and understand the proportions, volumes and layout of spaces. 

Virtual export:thanks to 3D modeling, you are able to move virtually inside your future home and explore each room. This allows you to realize if you want to enlarge a room, move furniture, etc. You are able to completely imagine yourself and project yourself into your home.

Detect possible improvements:By examining a 3D house plan, it is easier to spot potential design errors, traffic issues or structural inconsistencies. This way, it is possible to make any necessary changes before moving on to actual construction. As a result, a 3D house plan also helps reduce costs and delays.

Facilitate decision-making:With a realistic representation of your home or cottage in your hands, you are able to make more informed decisions regarding finishes, materials, colors, furnishings, layout, etc. Concretely, this avoids unpleasant surprises and potential regrets once construction is completed. 

In conclusion, a 3D house plan is a valuable tool for imagining, planning, correcting and communicating the design aspects of your construction project. Thanks to its realistic and immersive nature, the 3D house plan facilitates your decision-making and greatly contributes to the success of your project. 

4 bonnes raisons de demander un plan maison 3D


At the house ofQuebec House Plan, our objective is focused onthe realization of your projects in the best possible conditions. We do everything we can to ensure that your project corresponds 100% to your expectations, your desires, your needs and your lifestyle. 

This is why we offer a 3D house plan service with our 3D perspectivists / artists so that you cansee your future home in concrete terms to immerse yourself in it,even before construction begins

For you, this is the opportunity to plan completely and, if necessary, to make modifications before the work begins.


Moreover, this will allow you tomake great savings since by validating a 3D plan, you have the assurance of no longer having to modify anything subsequently during construction. Indeed, on-site modifications are very expensive. 

Offering you peace of mind, serenity and not having regrets, that's itthe promise of Plan Maison Québec


In addition, at Plan Maison Québec, you benefit from boththe strength of a team but also of a realpersonalized supportwith professionals dedicated to your project. 

​For you, our organization represents a great opportunity because if you encounter any hesitation or if you have a question, you can directly contact your representative.


At Plan Maison Québec, we put at the center of our concerns asuperior quality of service and anfluid communication.

Un perspectiviste pour visualiser votre plan maison 3D


At Plan Maison Québec, an appointment with our 3D artist isavailable for everyone. Whether for people wishing to create a construction plan with us or for outsiders, whose only need is to acquire a 3D house plan. 

The price for a 3D house plan varies depending on several criteria: 

  • whether it is a renovation plan or a new house plan

  • the number of ribs to conceptualize (2 or 4 sides)

  • the conceptualization of the kitchen

  • conceptualization of the bathroom

  • the conceptualization of other pieces

  • the 3D perspective of a complete house

Indeed, according to your needs and possibilities,the projected number of hours needed the 3D perspective fluctuates. Which explains the price variation.   

Combien coûte la prestation d'un plan 3D ?


Quelques réalisations de nos plans maisons 3D
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