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At the house ofQuebec House Plan, we know that your construction, renovation or expansion project means a lot to you. This is why we are herewith you every step of the way of your work to guide you through our expertise, experience and advice. The objective:help you make your dream come true.

Building your house or chalet, renovating your home, making an extension or adding a garage requires a significant financial investment. This is why we support you with high quality professional services, from start to finish of the process of developing your project plans. 

Having at heart the realization of your projects in the most favorable context possible, we offer you a structural engineer service. This one takes care ofseal your plans in order toguarantee their execution in the later stages of your work.

From simple real estate construction projects to more ambitious projects, we will know, at Plan Maison Québec,meet your expectations and requirements


A structural engineer is a professional who specializes inmanagement, design, analysis and construction of solid structures such as buildings, towers, bridges and other engineering works. 

These structures must have foundations designed and designed to withstand the loads and forces to which they are subjected. Whether these are related to environmental conditions, intended use or other factors. 

He is therefore a professional withspecial expertise and D'proven experience in the real estate sector, able to provide valuable advice.


The structural engineer works closely with the architects and other members of the design team.n to ensure that the structure of your future construction meets the functional, aesthetic and economic needs of the project. 

Structural engineers also make sure to do a complete assessment and take into account building construction codes, safety standards and current regulations when designing.


So, the main objective of a structural engineer is toguarantee the safety, durability and functionality of your project real estate or renovation. 

C'est quoi un ingénieur en structure ?


At Plan Maison Québec, we offer you the possibility ofhave your construction plans sealed by a structural engineer. This service offered within our team of professionals represents great opportunities:

The guarantee of compliant plans:inspection and verification of plans by the expertise of a structural engineer ensures the conformity of your project at all possible levels.

Assurance of approval:having in your possession plans sealed by a structural engineer ensures the feasibility of your project. Thanks to this seal, you know that your construction project

or renovation is feasible, viable and sustainable. No refusal will hinder your customer journey.

Protection of your investment:The construction or renovation process requires a certain financial commitment which must be as profitable as possible. If our structural engineer proceeds

to the seal of your plans, then your money will not have been used in vain. You are certain that everything

is in order and you made the right choice by choosing Plan Maison Québec.

Optimize costs: calling on our structural engineer means having the desire to reduce execution costs. Indeed, by inspecting and verifying the plans of your projects and affixing a seal to them, this reassures you that you will no longer have to make any modifications to your building.

As a result, it will no longer be necessary to call on a technologist, an architect or a designer to change an aspect not approved by your builder or your city.

In conclusion, call on our structural engineer service toseal your construction plans contribute toensure the quality, safety and efficiency of the process. Your dream home or ideal chalet is just one step away from becoming a reality!

4 bonnes raisons d'engager un ingénieur en structure


At Plan Maison, we put all our heart, our know-how and our advice at your service. Our goal is to offer you the best conditions possible so that you can make your dreams come true


This is why we offer of the transversal and personalized services. All the professionals you need are on our team. 


Our structural engineer service offers you the opportunity to put a seal on your plans. Choosing to seal your plans constitutes the promise of the viability of your project


Moreover, at Plan Maison Québec, you benefit from both the strength of a team and personalized support with professionals dedicated to your project. 


For you, this management and this organization are a real opportunity since if you encounter any hesitation or if you have a question, you can directly contact your representative.


At Plan Maison Québec, we put at the center of our concerns superior quality of service and smooth communication.

Un ingénieur en structure pour sceller vos plans


At Plan Maison Québec, the first meeting with one of our professionals to develop your project and obtain initial advice is free


Then, once your building plans have been executed and finalized, we advise you to use our plan sealing service with a structural engineer.

This service ensures the evaluation and management of the conformity of plans and their validation with builders, contractors and your city. 

The price for obtaining a seal is calculated depending on the complexity of your project and hours of work required. Overall, we offer two possibilities:a 3-hour package (for a simple project) and a 5 hour package (for a more complex project).  

To note that this service is exclusively reserved for people establishing a construction project, a house plan or a renovation plan with Plan Maison Québec

Combien coûte le sceau d'un ingénieur en structure ?
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