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Within 1-5 business days of receiving your deposit, Plan Maison Québec will begin designing the plans. If not already done, a member of our team will contact you to make an appointment for the measurement when it comes to a renovation project.

All plans created by Plan Maison Québec are protected by copyright law. It is therefore illegal to copy, reproduce and use without authorization the plans, drawings, 3D perspectives, and illustrations provided. These practices are illegal and constitute a violation of copyright law and are liable to prosecution. No .dwg file is given to the client.

All clients who do business with a construction contractor recommended by Plan Maison Québec for the work will be credited with the costs of this contract on the cost of construction by said contractor. Our house plan creation services include the impeccable transfer of your file and your information to the construction and renovation contractor of your choice. Plan Maison Québec inc. is not a building contractor and is not related in any way to contractors, builders and developers whose names and / or advertising appear on our websites or who are referred to you by one of our members. Plan Maison Québec is therefore not responsible for the quality of the services offered or the work carried out by these contractors, builders and promoters. Plan Maison Québec assumes no responsibility in this regard.

It is the client's responsibility to know the regulations, implementation margins and percentages that can be used in their city regarding the feasibility of the desired project. Our technologists can assist the client in obtaining this information, but it remains the sole responsibility of the client to confirm its accuracy with the institutions concerned.

The construction prices mentioned during meetings by our technicians, even if they are based on several years of expertise, are indicative only. Plan Maison Québec accepts no responsibility for construction costs. The client can validate the price of his project with the contractor of his choice. Plan Maison Québec is available at the bank of hours to advise the client and modify the plans according to the requests of the contractor, the municipality or the client.

Plan Maison Québec inc. is bound by an obligation of means and not an obligation of result. Our technicians will implement all the necessary means to carry out the customer's plans as well as possible without, however, guaranteeing that a result will be obtained. Any changes to the plan exceeding the hours allotted herein will be billed at the hourly rate of $ 65.00 per hour. Please note that the modifications transmitted and the processing of information sent by email outside the meetings, by you or by your contractor, are also debited from your bank of hours and are subject to invoicing at the hourly rate of 65.00 $ / h if exceeded. No credit is given for unused hours. If, however, the design of your plan requires less time than expected, a maximum of 2 months is allowed to request further changes. Beyond this period, the modifications will have to be the subject of a new agreement and / or to be charged by freelance at the rate in force. Plan Maison Québec is not required to make changes on behalf of the client beyond the 2-month period.

The law applicable here is Canadian law. In the event of a dispute, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution. If the process fails, Plan Maison Québec undertakes to deliver the plans agreed upon to the best of its abilities once it has acknowledged receipt of the sums committed in design / management on behalf of the client.

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