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Our terms and conditions

Custom plan design

All Plan Maison Québec services are protected by copyright law. It is therefore illegal to copy, reproduce and use the plans, drawings, 3D perspectives and illustrations provided without authorization. These practices are illegal and constitute a violation of copyright law and are subject to prosecution. No.dwg file is provided to the client.


It is the client's responsibility to know the regulations, installation margins and percentages that can be used in their city regarding the feasibility of the desired project. Our professionals can assist the client in obtaining this information, but it remains the sole responsibility of the client to confirm its accuracy with the institutions concerned.


Plan Maison Québec is bound by an obligation of means and not an obligation of result. Our professionals will implement all necessary means to complete the client's project within the allotted time without guaranteeing the achievement of a result. If the client's situation causes the design of its final plans to take more than 60 days following signature, the client must, even if the plan is not yet completed, pay all amounts due immediately. The customer is therefore required, in all circumstances and without exception, to pay the entire sums provided for herein within 60 days following the date of approval. No credit is given for unused hours or in the event the client must cancel the project. The technologist remains available for subsequent modifications on the project concerned (same address) up to the time bank for a maximum period of 120 additional days (total of 6 months). Any request exceeding the agreed hours and deadlines will be billed at the hourly rate of $80.00 per hour. The client understands that this clause aims to protect Plan Maison Québec from harm linked to projects which are not continued on site and, where applicable, for which final plans are no longer necessary.


The law applicable herein is Canadian law. In the event of a dispute, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution. If the process fails, Plan Maison Québec undertakes to submit the plans agreed herein to the best of its abilities once it has acknowledged receipt of the sums committed to design/management on behalf of the client.

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