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Attached garage

Type of project :

Agrandissement maison, Ajout d'étage, Plan de garage

Architectural Technologist / House designer :

Information to come

Creation date :

1 févr. 2021

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attached garage

Want a bigger house? Want to be able to park your car warm in a garage ? You should expand your house.

At Plan Maison Québec our technologists and experts in adding floors and extending houses in Quebec City and its surrounding areas can take care of carrying out your construction plan with superior quality.

Here the client wanted to build an attached garage , with a floor above in order to have a new liveable room in his house. The result is incredible, the experts at Plan Maison Québec successfully completed the house extension plans without modifying its initial design.

For all your house expansion and attached garage construction projects in Quebec and its surrounding areas, contact Plan Maison Québec and its experts in the field. Contact Plan Maison Québec without further delay!

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