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Two-story house model

Type of project :

Agrandissement maison

Architectural Technologist / House designer :

Information to come

Creation date :

3 déc. 2020

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two story house model

The family is growing ? Do you have new projects? Do you not like the idea of moving because you are attached to your home and your neighborhood? The solution: a floor addition with Plan Maison Québec .

At Plan Maison Québec , we are the experts in designing plans for your new two-story house construction projects and your renovation projects, such as the expansion of house , adding a floor , building a garage , etc., and our technologists specializing in plan design will be able to convince you of the potential of your two - story house model .

Our technologist loved carrying out this project and did not hesitate to provide his expertise. The clients wanted to have two terraces, one more private, reserved for the master bedroom, the other more oriented for family and outdoor dining. Its large surface area allows the house to have several well-organized rooms.

Would you also like to optimize the spaces in your house model and add a floor for more living space? Call our team to first create the necessary plans to begin this beautiful project. We know the design of plans at Plan Maison Québec ! To use our services it's simple, just book online according to your geographical area. Don't forget that we are present in many regions!

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