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Architectural Technologist La Prairie

Type of project :

Agrandissement maison

Architectural Technologist / House designer :

Michael G.

Creation date :

15 juin 2023

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architectural technologist la prairie

You are planning to extend your house, but you have not yet hired an architectural technologist . This could be a major problem. By neglecting professional services, you risk ending up with an incoherent and poorly functional expansion plan. At Plan Maison Québec , our specialized technologists are there to help you. We highlight our house plan drawing and renovation services. Our experienced team will be able to design a house extension plan adapted to your specific needs. Let us walk you through a real-life example.

Recently, we worked on a double garage construction project for clients residing in La Prairie . They also wanted to add a second floor with an office and a terrace, as well as a new entrance on the right side of the house. Before using our services, they had considered carrying out the house extension plan themselves. However, they quickly realized the difficulties and potential mistakes they could make without the expertise of an architectural technologist . That’s when they contacted Plan Maison Québec .

Our team of professional architectural technologists took charge of their project and designed a tailor-made house extension plan. They took into account structural constraints, current construction standards and customer preferences. Thanks to our expertise, the double garage has been integrated harmoniously into the house, with a furnished floor offering a spacious office and a terrace to enjoy the beautiful sunny days. In addition, the new entrance on the right side of the house brought a touch of aesthetics and functionality.

This project is a concrete example of the added value we bring as architectural technologists . By calling on Plan Maison Québec , our clients in La Prairie benefited from a well-thought-out house extension plan, meeting their needs and respecting construction standards. We were able to combine functionality, aesthetics and practicality to create a space that perfectly meets their expectations.

If you are considering a house extension project in La Prairie or the surrounding area, do not take the risk of carrying it out yourself. Trust our architectural technologists at Plan Maison Québec . We will put our expertise at your service to design a personalized, quality house extension plan. Contact us today to discuss your project and start transforming your home according to your wishes.

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