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Plan de rénovation

Building designer


Richard F.

If you are considering a renovation, it is crucial not to neglect the plan drawing stage. Without the expertise of a building designer , you risk finding yourself facing problems of redundancy, inconsistency or lack of clarity in your project. This is where Plan Maison Québec comes in, a firm of technologists specializing in the sale and design of house plans .

Our support service highlights the expertise of our building designers , who are experienced professionals in the field of house plan drawing and renovation. Whether you want to add a floor to your home or expand your living space, our team will meet your specific needs.

Allow us to describe a recent project that required the intervention of our experts. Our clients needed to remodel their basement of approximately 1000 sq. ft. to accommodate a bedroom. However, the basement did not meet the required construction standards. Our building designer therefore produced a detailed renovation plan to bring the space up to standard and enlarge the windows to bring in more natural light. Thanks to our expertise, the project was completed successfully and our clients were able to fully enjoy their new space.

By calling on Plan Maison Québec , you will benefit from a professional service, respecting construction standards and architectural coherence. We support you throughout the process, taking into account your specific needs, your budgetary constraints and the regulations in force. Our team also takes care to integrate a certain subjectivity and a real human sense into each project, so that your house reflects you.

Don't delay in using our services. Entrust your project to one of our qualified building designers , and let us help you bring your vision to life. Contact Plan Maison Québec now and treat yourself to a quality renovation, carried out by passionate experts.

The first appointement: How to prepare yourself?

Like you, we want to approach your project calmly and with certainty.


This is why the first discussions with our architectural technologists and construction estimators to validate the feasibility of the project and your budget are free and without obligation.

Our professionals will also be happy to offer you valuable advice and guide you according to the stage of progress of the project, even if plans are not necessary at the moment.

Ready to get started? Make an appointment online:

*No fees or commitment

(Meeting with a construction technologist and estimator with ZOOM)

*$180 + taxes

(highly recommended for a renovation project )

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